Maybe your first home project for 2020 is the remodeling of your master bathroom. Maybe you have decided that you want a very modern look to your new bathroom. Do you have the design completely planned out? If you do, then you really don't need to continue reading. However, maybe you are looking for ideas. If so, you've come to the right place.

Start your remodeling project by selecting a glass shower door with a sleek and simple design. No matter the size of your shower, there will be the perfect size for that space. Think of the kind of glass you want for the shower door. For instance, maybe you want frosted glass that will afford you privacy while still letting the light into the shower area. You might even go all out and get glass cubes to surround your shower. 

No matter the kind of glass you select for your shower door, consider whether you want hardware as part of the design. For instance, a metal rack on the front of the door will give you a place to hang your towels. Since you are wanting to establish a modern feeling in your master bathroom, think of selecting chrome for the shower door hardware. Go with a contemporary design for the hardware. 

Besides the glass shower door, there are many other ways you can add a contemporary feeling to your master bathroom. 

  • Have a large mirror installed over the sinks. If you went with chrome for the shower door hardware, think of having a chrome or silver frame to the mirror.
  • If there is space over your bathtub, think of having an arrangement of mirrors as the wall design. Choose geometric shapes for the frames.
  • Don't forget a full-length mirror. Again, match the hardware of that mirror to the hardware you selected for the shower door.
  • Select a square glass holder for your tissues. If you like to have a drinking glass by your sink, choose plastic that looks like real glass.

A glass installation company can give you more ideas.

If you are changing out the bathroom countertops, think of going with black granite or black tile. Maybe you are even buying new cabinetry. If you went with black for the countertops, think of going with white for the cabinet doors and choose black ceramic knobs that will complement the countertops. 

When you select your bathroom towels, go with something like red, turquoise, or bright yellow. This will keep the modern look you want, and it will add color to the bathroom design.