Did you recently invest in a custom-cut mirror? Before you hang this artistically elegant reflective glass on your wall, take a look at the top mirror installation questions homeowners have answered.

Is Installation a DIY or Professional Job?

Custom cut, heavy, awkwardly-shaped, or fine art mirrors typically require professional installation. While you could attempt a do-it-yourself installation, a professional:

Has the right equipment

From the tools to the hardware necessary to hang a heavy mirror, the professional contractor has the right equipment for this job. This can save you money in the cost of tools you're not likely to use again.

Can safely hang the mirror

A heavy mirror could fall and shatter if you don't hang it correctly. A professional glass contractor has the experience and expertise to place and install the mirror safely and securely.

Can maximize aesthetics

Your investment in a custom-cut mirror may go unnoticed if you install the glass off-center or in the wrong place. Professional installation service can reduce the risk of these DIY flubs.

If you're not sure who to hire for a mirror or glass installation service, search for a professional with extensive expertise in this specialty area. Most custom mirror companies do more than just cut glass. These pros also install the mirrors they create. Ask your would-be potential contractor to provide photos of past work and for customer references.

How Should You Prepare for an Installation Service?

Now that you know why to choose a professional installation service, it's time to take the next step—prepare. After you schedule an appointment:

Talk to the contractor

Does the contractor have special preparation steps they ask their customers to take? Ask what you can do to prepare for the contractor's arrival before they get to your house.

Clear the area

Along with asking the contractor how you should prepare for the installation, make sure they have enough space to work. Move furniture, decorative accents, or other items that might get in their way or pose a trip and fall hazard.

Put pets away

Furniture and home décor aren't the only items that could trip the installation contractor. Keep pets in a separate space while the professional is at work.

Don't wait until the installation appointment to decide where you want the mirror. Choose the perfect space, work with an interior designer, or ask the mirror contractor for advice before the installation day arrives.

If you have additional questions, contact a local mirror installation service.