Are your nights interrupted by cold air drafts and intermittent noises from the street? These are signs that your windows are not doing their job as expected. Windows play important roles in keeping out heat, cold, excess light, and noise. But their effectiveness can deteriorate as they age from weather exposure. Residential windows also sometimes suffer from accidents leading to cracking and splintering. A residential glass repair service is very useful in solving window problems. What can they fix?

1. Cracked Glass Panes

Glass panes can have hairline or spider web cracks. Hairline cracks are small, narrow, and do not go all the way through the glass. Spiders are larger, more noticeable, and usually extend vertically from the bottom of the pane.

Cracked glass can be repaired with a process called crazing. This process involves injecting a special resin into the crack and then filling it with clear epoxy to make it look like it's new.

2. Too Much Ambient Noise

To solve this problem, a residential glass repair service can either soundproof your windows or install double panes. Soundproofing involves installing a foam-like material in between the panes of glass to insulate them from each other.

Double panes are two sheets of glass separated by a thin layer of gas like argon or krypton. This gas layer creates an insulation barrier between the panes that block out sound. There are also many other benefits to installing double pane windows, including, reduced heat loss, increased energy efficiency, and added security from burglary

3. Water Seepage

Several things can cause water seepage: Condensation on the windowpane, a broken window frame seal, or a gap between wall and frame. If you live in a cold climate, you may also have water seepage from melting snow and ice.

To solve this problem, a residential glass repair service will do weather stripping around the frame of your window to create a seal. Weatherstripping is a strip of rubber that goes around the frame of your window and prevents water from coming in.

4. Cold Drafts

Drafts are caused by outside air infiltrating the room. A residential glass installation service can install storm windows as a remedy. Storm windows are specially designed for exterior use and are placed outside your existing windows. They fit tightly against the frame and seal out any drafts or weather. You could also consider weather-stripping and caulking the windows to create an airtight seal.

Are leaky and cracked windows making your home less comfortable? Talk to a residential glass repair service for appropriate remedies.